The last day of the year and looking back on it!

I can’t be too cheerful about a new year coming in. 2012 brought in some terrible moments sadly for me and my family. The way the year progressed and ended with the terrible rape story in Delhi, doesn’t make me want to break out into any cheer for ending the old and welcoming the new. Many hotels, even the Indian Railways and the Indian Navy, have decided to not have new year parties for this year out of respect for Amanat, the girl named after the rape tragedy. Even the Connecticut tragedy will prevent many families in the US to have any big celebration, I’m sure. This year saw many revolts in the arab countries. People are craving for a fresh change, a change that will bring humanity together instead of separating them with violence.

2012 was year that has ended in a sombre note. It is the time to think and hope that one can have the strength to be the change they want to see in this world and hope that 2013 will be a more peaceful year.

On a more cheery note, here’s a resolution that I’ve made, and I hope to keep myself committed to it all through the year! Being a lover of all things beautiful and pretty, I am going to record, hopefully, every day, one blog of the things I find pretty and fascinating around me. I love photography, so I will record my blogs in photographs! Most of my blog will be all about France. Since moving into this country 2 years ago, I have been fascinated by many things and I will record all the things about France that one may not find in travel journals! I must add I am also very glad to have found WordPress. I had wondered for the longest time which blogging site to choose from, and I was quite unhappy with most others. WordPress is so simple to use and I love it!

This is going to be my number one hobby and well, I hope I am going to be in most places with a  computer next to me always! 🙂

Here’s a few photos of the lovely window displays that were put up in the most luxurious shopping mall in Paris, Galerie Lafayette and Printemps (the are kind of attached together). I was stunned by the amazing craftsmanship, and the sheer imagination to produce such an amazing variety of lovely themes. Here’s a pic of how Galerie Lafayette looked like from the outside.

Glaerie Lafayette and Printemps decorated for Christmas 2012


A breathtaking elegant puppet with the J'Adore bottle behind her.

A breathtaking pretty puppet, with a 'J'adore' perfume bottle behind it. Its a pretty dream for all girls to be in!

A goose with her Dior eggs, and I want one! :)

Could I be that puppet in that heavenly place?!

I wanna be dancing in this place too!

Dior heaven

I wondered if some of the animals in the displays were stuffed animals?!

I am hoping that the polar bear is faux and not a stuffed one!

Goodbye 2012!! I hope 2013 will be a year better for me and for everyone in this world! Everyone should be smiling, happy  and hopeful for 2013! Here’s a pic of snowflakes that I stuck to my window, its my first time that I ever did it, making paper snowflakes. I have just to thank Youtube’s excellent tutorials! 🙂

Snowflakes on my window

Snowflakes on my window