Creavenue Loisirs

I love all creative ideas and the pics I came across of the wonderful ideas in Creavenue Loisirs were stunning and very inspiring to get working with your hands! If  you are interested, you can join them on Facebook with the same name. Creativa is an organisation that have big exhibitions in certain parts of Europe, namely France, Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. They will start their exhibitions this year starting end of this month, but I am sooo sad they will not be having it in Paris. I might have to travel to Grenoble or Metz to have a look at them. The biggest creative exhibition that took place in Paris was Marie Claire Idées, and I missed it!! I was disappointed about it and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will have their expo soon this year without me having to wait for it too long!

OK, here are the pics.

Just looking at this cusion TV makes me want to take out my sewing kit!

For a glamourous look, having a base in my Lancome gold and glittery nailpolish and the top coat with a red!

A very cute idea for my future baby, boy or girl! :)

A very cute idea, but not sure how patient I might be to actually do this!

A must do idea!

A gorgeous looking tree with all the pretty doilies (i suppose they are doilies)

All I need to do is get some leather material et voila!

I so want to do this idea soon!!




Another exciting idea I want to start working on .. now!!



Pretty, though my wires are such a mess, they would never look as pretty!

I wonder how hard it must be to find this molten wax material! Looks like such a good idea!

I can but only say.. aawwwww!!!



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