2013 is a year for fabric flowers!

Since I’ve just started on my crafts adventure, I have decided to go full swing with fabric flowers. I saw a few tutorials on You tube and I fell in love with how pretty fabric brooches could be! I don’t think I own any piece of garment which had, attached to it, any nice fabric flower (except one single lovely purple knit dress that I’d bought from a store called WE). As I go crazy now learning to make flowers, I also make sure I attach a flower brooch to whatever I may be wearing when I leave home to go out. Not only do I get myself into an incredibly good mood by having a pretty flower on me, but also the knowledge that it’s ME who made it makes it even better!! It’s incredible knowing how vain one can be with one’s own work! I love all my flowers and if possible I’d wear all of them on me, knowing I’d look very silly!

The best item I bought for myself this year has been the electric hot gun. Until I started watching tutorials on youtube, I had never seen or heard of such a glue in my life. That’s how removed I have been from the world of crafts.

My hot glue gun, yippee!

My hot glue gun, yippee!

Thanks to the great tutos on youtube, I have leant how to make some decent flowers. I try to make one each day to get the hang of it. Some of them are a bit complicated to make, but somehow I prefer the complicated ones over the simple ones.

All the flowers I've made so far, staring from January

All the flowers I’ve made so far, starting from January

The flower that I find the most time-consuming and complicated, and also the prettiest, are the one’s in the photo below. Not only do they need cutting out many individual petals, singing them with a candle and then carefully placing and sticking them to each other.

The prettiest flowers

The prettiest flowers

The very first flower on the very top was made without using a hot glue gun. I had not  possessed one at the time and I was interested to find out if the effect would seem as nice if stitched. Since it was my first flower tuto, it took me about 4 hours to make it. Seriously!! The flower looked a bit flat so I wasn’t that happy with it. The purple and white flower on the left of the first row was my first flower made using a hot gun. Again I wasn’t very happy as the first rows of petals formed  into a cone-like shape. I was very pleased with the white flower, but the outermost layer of big petals looked almost like spikes. The flower in red polyester is my favourite, but since the fabric is so sheer I wasn’t convinced that the flower could be seen at all! Here’s a close-up of the red flower.

2 red sheer fabric flowers

2 red sheer fabric flowers

Now, here are 2 other flowers I made using a different method, which wasn’t so hard to make but almost equally time-consuming. When I make such flowers I know it will take me normally half a day to make sure it turns out looking good. For my flower projects, I have mostly used fabrics out of old clothes from my wardrobe that I know I will never wear them again. Thankfully I do have a few of them, and I’m glad I didn’t give them away! I can make such good use of them now! I’ve also learnt the trick of using pretty buttons as the center piece in flowers to give them further charm.

owers of a different method.

Flowers of a different method. The left one has a button in the center and the flower on the right has an earring.

My felt flowers. There’s a huge variety of felt flowers on the internet and I still have to finish learning with my fabrics before I can get to felts.

Felt flowers

Felt flowers

Here’s a final pic of me proudly wearing one of my flowers!

me and my flower, notice the cute ladybird too on my button!

me and my flower, notice the cute ladybird on my button!



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