Marcel Gotlieb

I love French comics ( otherwise known as bande dessiné). The first time I came across the carricaturist Gotlib, I didn’t really find it too funny. Maybe it was because of complicated characters and because my own French wasn’t good enough to get the French nuances. But I appreciated his wonderful drawings. I could keep staring at the book for long, not understanding much of what was written but just looking at his drawings knowing they would be etched in my memory for long. Reading Gotlieb’s biography, I found he had a sad childhood. Somehow I feel that what he may have gone through growing up, reflects in his cartoons. At times they seem a dry and devoid of humour, he can portray a character so well it almost seems harsh.

Here is a short description I am putting of Gotlib’s artowrk that I found on Wikipedia : His trademark style fuses English-style nonsense, Jewish-American humour and French ribaldry, with a penchant for exaggeration of movements and sound effects.

I found a comic strip that I found hilarious! I laughed out loud reading it, the art-work and the dialogues were so funny! It’s a conversation between Tarzan and Gorilla, and Gorilla is teaching him how to yell out loud for Ougl, the elephant.

IMG_8631IMG_8632IMG_8633IMG_8634IMG_8635IMG_8636IMG_8637IMG_8638 IMG_8639IMG_8640 IMG_8641 IMG_8642 IMG_8643 IMG_8644IMG_8645 IMG_8646


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