I painted over my Tom’s, and a heart with Bali

A few days ago, I decided to try my hand at painting over my Tom’s shoes. I’d bought them from LA over 2 years ago, and sadly, due to frequent wear and trying to have them washed in my washing machine, a small part of the fabric on my left shoe has gotten torn! Here in Paris, Tom’s isn’t really available in the stores and I like them so much for easy wear!

Since I don’t wear my Toms very often, now with the tear on it and the cold climate here, I decided the best thing to do with it is try my artistic creativity over them. And now that they’re done painting, I like the result so much, that inspite of the tear on one of them, I am looking forward to wearing them in my upcoming vacation to Indonesia soon!! Yippee!

Happy with my tom's

Happy with my tom’s

A closer look

A closer look

The design is something that I borrowed from Etsy. I didn’t want to botch up my first paint job on shoes, so I browsed a little and I found the perfect design on Etsy. Of course the real design work is far nicer than mine. The only difference is that I added the tiny red flowers with a white center to them.

Here’s another craft idea that I completed today. I was in need of using my sequins for a project and I’d been itching to use them because I wanted to make something shiny and cute. So I made a heart design using black felt and built the tassle around it. I feel so fulfilled looking at it, because I think it looks so pretty! I’m going to use this as a sort of hanging, perhaps on the door latch. I’ve embroidered using DMC gold metallic threads which I find gorgeous! I’ve embroidered the words Bali, as I will be there next month, and so I can always be reminded of my excitement to going to Bali.

Looking forward to Bali!

Looking forward to Bali!

Along with a satin flower that I made too

Along with a satin flower that I made too


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