Some French Nostalgia and a curious French entrée

ImageYesterday, hubby and me had driven 150-something kilometer towards Orléans, located south of Paris. We were going to meet his grandmother, who would be turning a hundred years old ( Wow!! I know!) this October. As my husband explained, she wasn’t feeling too good lately and before we were to leave for our upcoming long vacations, we should be going to see her and say hello.

So it was with a little bit of a sombre mood that we embarked on our long drive to Orleans. Along the way, we stopped to lunch at the popular chain of restaurants called ‘Courtepaille’. We have eaten here a few times, but I guess I always somehow omitted trying out this particular entrée. When I saw it in the menu, I knew I had to try it out and wondered why I hadn’t tried it before! Ok, so it’s a long name for the entrée, here goes : Faisselle de fromage blanc, avec ciboulettes, échalottes et crême fraîche.

So, it’s basically a form of soft white runny cheese, served along with finely chopped ciboulette and shallots, and heavy fresh cream. The idea, as my husband explained to me, was to actually take your desired helpings of the accompaniments and mix it with the cheese and eat it. This sounded exotic to me! I tried it and it was heavenly!! Here’s another pic with the cheese I scooped onto a piece of bread. Doesn’t it look delish??!

ImageAfter our lunch, we made our way towards Grandmummy’s place. We reached her room and well, I was surprised because she was in no way showing any signs of being sick, but sprightly as ever, chatting coherently and laughing with a few other relatives. I must say, there’s something to the French longevity. Grandmother managed a farm all her life, and her diet has mostly been a lot of wine, high calory food with dollops of cream and butter, red meats, and plenty of desserts and other sweet things! Inspite of such a diet that would easily cripple many other nationalities, the French thrive and live long lives based on this diet!

Here’s a pic of Grandma on her day of wedding, many many years ago, 1934 actually! She looks beautiful!



One thought on “Some French Nostalgia and a curious French entrée

  1. Very easy recipe to create. I did not have any tinned mushrooms
    so put into use recent, chopped mushrooms which I included for the pasta about five minutes ahead
    of the conclude for the cooking time, in conjunction with some prawns I also additional some sweetcorn to
    sneak in certain more veg for my teenaged son. He cherished it, as did
    the remainder of the family unit. I also chosen Gluten-free pasta and flour and soya
    milk and goat’s butter as I’m able to tolerate neither gluten nor cow-dairy.
    All of it tasted high-quality! Many thanks for publishing the recipe.

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