Bali is Frangipani


My husband and I spent a  glorious 16 day holiday around Bali. Bali is beautiful!!! Even at the risk of sounding completely awe struck, I will describe Bali to be a magical place still existing on earth, with demons, gods and beautiful exotic flowers and plants all around.

For this post, I am going to dedicate it to the frangipani flowers that I saw growing all around Bali. It’s amazing how a flower can get so entrenched into the lives of people. I saw it being worn by both men and women on their hair, I saw it being an important component of their traditional head dresses, their works of art, their offerings to their gods, the very tree growing in profusion in their back yards, the design of the flower emulated in their food presentations, and even the tiles fitted on the roofs would have some frangipani decorations on them!!

Go ahead and do enjoy the gentle frangipanis! Here are some lovely paintings with the frangipani figuring prominently on them.


Frangipani is part of their everyday offerings in their rice fields.


A desert of fried bananas with vanilla ice cream, in the shape of a frangipani.


A tourist, copying the delightful custom of the Balinese men of having a frangipani tucked behind the ear. (I just never got around to taking a proper photo of a real Balinese man with the flower in his ear!!)


Gods wearing the frangipani around their ears. These idols are sculpted with holes around their ears for the frangipani to be fitted in!

IMG_9797And last but not the least, frangipani art work on the roof tiles :



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