Things I saw around Dubai – Carbage and a Foul Festival


Inspite of Dubai surging ahead in ‘leaps and bounds’ with tall gleaming hotels and buildings, and opulence to be seen everywhere, there are certain things like the cryptic message in the photo above, that can make one smile and almost lend a human touch to the big commercial city of Dubai.

For those of you who haven’t got it, the message above is trying to convey ‘Please place your garbage inside this container’. πŸ™‚ Dubai is made up of roughly 80 percent of expatriates ofΒ  many different countries. Most of them do not have English as their first language, so it’s almost common to see bizarre messages that have you scratching your head in wonder! πŸ™‚ By the way, the ‘garbage’ is no spelling mistake!! I have actually heard several people pronouncing it ‘carbage’!

Many of the spelling mistakes especially found in restaurants can be quite atrociously funny! Examples : French fries – French fryce, tomato salad – tomotto sallad, chicken burger – chicken berger, Cordon blue – Gordon Blue, it’s such a long list! (And I swear I didn’t make it up!)

In fact, I almost wonder sometimes if killing the English language has become a fun hobby for them. If yes, they are doing a good job keeping their customers amused, as long as they don’t make any mistake in the food ordered!


When I saw this flyer lying outside my door, at first glance I was wondering “What’s a Foul Festival? Is there any spelling mistake here? Could it possibly mean this is some stinky food??” And then upon asking some right people I found out that foul is a kind of Arabic bean!! Aahh!

Here’s another funny something I found inside of an Indian menu :


There’s no spelling mistake here (well, biryani is spelt a bit funny), but check out the message at the top, underneath ‘Andhra Meals’ – Not to be shared! I cracked up seeing that! πŸ™‚ I guess the manager got tired of seeing one guy ordering a big meal and then sharing it with his family! Just to enlighten you, an Indian Meal is something that is actually quite a filling dish with numerous bits of vegetables and different lentils and drinks and sweets, and an unlimited amount of rice and chapatti, an Indian bread. Here’s a picture of a meal. The plate comes along with a fitted banana leaf on which you eat your food, preferably with fingers:



10 thoughts on “Things I saw around Dubai – Carbage and a Foul Festival

  1. The most I’ve seen of Dubai is their airport….and as far as airports go….I wasn’t really that impressed. (The only thing I was impressed by was the abundance of extraordinarily beautiful arab men that I visually molested from afar. Which really has nothing to do with the airport at all.)

    But the one thing I love just as much as a hot man…is fava beans. This reminded me that I have a cupboard of them, and I’m totes makin’ me some foul once I’m home from work.

    • Haha!! Well, at least you did enjoy something about the Dubai airport!! πŸ˜€
      Arab men in their crisp white dish-dash ( yes, thats what it’s called) are pretty attractive! Glad you stopped by and enjoyed my post! πŸ™‚

    • Hello Kavita, I am happy that you have enjoyed my posts so much!! Do stay tuned, a lot more life observations are coming up! πŸ™‚ And I look forward to more posts from you!

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