“Women were not meant to live en masse”


I think this old photo of my aunt along with her guitar group of the days gone by somehow fit this particular extract from a lovely book called “One Pair of Feet”, written in the ’40’s by Monica Dickens. This paragraph has kind of stuck to my head ever since I read them, she writes so wonderfully!

“Women were not meant to live en masse – except in harems. They inflate the importance of their own little center of activity until it eclipses the rest of the world. Men manage to pigeon-hole their life : work, domesticity, romance relaxation, but a woman’s life is usually untidy as her desk. She either fails ever to concentrate on one thing at a time, or else fills one pigeonhole so full that it overflows into the others.”

I haven’t yet finished her book, and I am in no hurry to do so, the book is so enjoyable! I am trying to read it as slow as possible to savour all the lines! 🙂

There’s my aunt, right in the front center!



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