Some of my sketches around Bali


I am no great artist, but during the Bali trip, I decided to make use of any free time I had to make sketches, especially of those little moments that do not stick to the memory much later on. For instance, of Yves being so tired in a long flight, he kept fidgeting and lying down his head on his own meal tray, and then moving over to mine, shown on the sketch above.

The sketch below shows Yves dreaming of French food. We left France only a few 16 hours and he’s already missing French food!! Well to be honest, I do love myself a baguette with heaps of butter in it along with some French style saucissons and gherkins! 🙂


Here are some random moments during our trip. I knew that if I didn’t do anything to record those moments, I’d easily forget them later on. For instance, the moment when we arrived at a wonderful place called Kintamani, and we were immediately surrounded by salesmen and women trying hard to sell us their wares. Of the time when living in a hotel in Kintamani, I found the guy who ran the place absolutely hilarious. He would try to look so serious, hardly smiling, and trying to seem important because his title was hotel manager, but everytime he spoke, he’d be jumbling up his words in the most funny way! Because of his serious exterior, Yves misunderstood him at first, but later on the more often we talked to him, we liked him very much.



Here’s the funny hotel manager below, I’d asked him how long he lived in Kintamani, and he said ” I’ve lived in Kinatmani a long time, almost 2 hours…..oh, errr, I mean 2 years..” Hahaha!! By the way, this is Yves’ sketch!


Now, here’s some sktches of a super-fantastic snorkelling experience I had in a place called Amed. just befor this incident, I had twisted my ankle in a bad way, and coupled with the fact, I’d never snorkelled in the open sea before, my confidence was at it’s lowest when I’d step into the water. Plus after having watched numerous shark documentaries on NatGeo, I had a small fear of being gobbled up by a giant shark. So, Yves had a brilliant idea, he managed to find a really good diver who would lead me into the waters holding my hand, so I could have a view of the breath-taking coral reefs and a sunken Japanese ship that lay in the ocean depths. I have no words how grateful I am to this man, he quieted my feelings of anxiety, and assured me that not only would I be alive by the end of it but I would even have had a fantastic time. These are some sketches of my snorkelling experience and a picture of the lovely man, Made, who really gave me something to remember all my life!




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