The Girl from Darjeeling


The year is 1974 and Yeshi has just turned 20. She lives in Darjeeling, a little hilly town located north of India, and also fondly called the ‘queen of hill stations’, and rightly so because on clear mornings, you can see the range of the Himalayas stretching far above the clouds in the sky. If you still have no clue, then the tea plucked from the estates of Darjeeling is famous worldwide.

Yeshi is different from her brothers and sisters. She is the only one amongst her kin and cousins who wanted to swot her young life to study medicine. She had the brains for it and she readily gave in the years it took for her to become a doctor. She dreamt of leaving Darjeeling, of leaving all that is familiar to her, and discover other cultures and places in India.


Life in Darjeeling moves at a terribly slow pace. Perhaps that’s what holds a certain charm. People are in no rush to get anywhere, instead they spend time talking and chatting, being cherful and helpful. Yeshi’s brother-in-law is a horticulturalist, and has his own little green house on the roof of his house, where he grows impossibly beautiful flowers. That is so with a majority of the folks living in Darjeeling. They appreciate beauty and have beautiful homes and gardens, even though they are not rich. For Yeshi, who grew up here all her 20 years, this seemed a bit boring and she was ready to spread out her wings and fly.

ImageYeshi’s determination and hard work held with her all through her life. She went on to become a doctor in one of the bigger hospitals in the cosmopolitan city of Calcutta, where she also met the man of her dreams and married him, a man she says she fell in love with at first sight because he was so handsome and good to her. This photo has been taking by that man, and you can see she is really happy to be with him:


I am happy to say Yeshi is my mum. At the age I am in now, I view my mum as my friend and partner. Like her, I have found my happiness in life with a partner I love deeply. Unlike my mum though, while she looked graceful and photogenic all her life, I looked like a scamp in my younger years. Well, lets say a very happy looking scamp! πŸ™‚



28 thoughts on “The Girl from Darjeeling

  1. such beautiful photographs..but yes, you do look like a happy scamp in the photo πŸ˜€ I visited Darjeeling for the first time in my life last year( sacrilege for a bong)! I loved it…specially the solitary walk around Mall Road at the crack of dawn..

      • oooh i love keventers…its a different matter altogether that i could not finish my English breakfast…its too much for one man(of my size)…In fact i remember now that my blog profile pic is taken in Darjeeling…Kunga’s..that’s another place you should take your husband to.. πŸ™‚

  2. That was a lovely blog and wonderful photo’s. I enjoyed reading about all of you. Thank you also for following my blog. I have always been fascinated with your country and my daughter has it on top of the list of places to visit if it becomes possible. She is a tea connoisseur.

    • Well, you can tell your daughter that I will soon be making a trip to Darjeeling and I will post many more photos especially for your benefit! πŸ™‚ Thank you for liking my blog, I find it wonderful to follow yours too!

  3. Wonderful story! My grandmother, who was brought up in Darjeeling also went to Calcutta to train as a nurse. She went to a function at the club one evening with her fiancΓ© and came away with an entirely different man – my grandfather! I wish I could have found out more about what happened that evening before she died!

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