Dinner Napkins

ImageI had bought a set of 6 dinner napkins from the store FabIndia here in Calcutta some time ago. These were the only ones that came with tassles around the borders and I loved the green colour. Looking at the dinner napkins I knew I had to embroider on them.

Sometime ago, my husband had shown me sets of dinner napkins that had lovely embroideries on them, made by his grandmother. Those dinner napkins are so precious I take those out for special occasions, and I love the wonder that our guests show when I tell them that Yves’ grandmother has actually made them. I decided this time I would do something to personalise my own dinner napkins. I decided to embroider words because I guessed that wouldn’t take too long a time. Since this was my first effort at it, I decided that embroidering words would be an easy and quick task. Which it was thankfully. Now I only wish I had chosen a darker shade of thread instead of the pink thread, but I do like it this way too. I have used plain running stitch for the words and used bright yellow threads to make the flowers.

All the words I’ve embroidered mean ‘Bon Appetit’ mostly. The languages I’ve used apart from French and English are Bengali, Hindi, Indonesian and Spanish. I chose Indonesian because I was there recently and I loved the language. I chose Spanish, not because I know much about it, but my sister had been learning it, so she does know quite many words.

On the wall behind is a pair of birds perched on a wire, painted by me. In fact, I have made quite many flowery motifs on the wall which I will make a separate post later on. My neighbours can see a bit of my wall from the corridors of the building, and my paintings seem to cheer up their day. They call out to me if I am in the balcony and tell me they love my flowers and butterflies. That makes me happy! Here’s another close up of the dinner napkins that I am so dying to take out and use the next time I have guests over! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Dinner Napkins

  1. I kinda like the effect of the pink on the green…even though it is not very contrasty! 🙂 And who can forget those birds perched on that line!! 🙂 lovely post, snowflakegurl! 🙂

    • Thanks! Can you imagine, with the state I’m in now, I couldn’t even bear to go online?! I just had a look at your blog now, and felt so happy reading through your posts! 🙂

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