A trip to the local Flea Market


This morning, my husband and I woke up early ( on a Sunday that’s not usual for us or anybody I know!) to go visit the local flea market in one of the nearby towns held only today. I was excited because the last time I visited a Brocante, or a flea market was a while ago. I looked forward to the busy air that brocantes have, I was hoping they would have a lot of antique items instead of the junk they are usually trying to sell off. I was glad that for a Sunday, there was something to look forward to in our sleepy little French place, with plenty of ease and no rush.

The weather today has been sunny and warm,  thank goodness. After the last 4 months of travelling to countries where the usual day temperature has been over 30 degrees, I wasn’t sure how well prepared I’d be for France’s usually frigid temperatures. But I do know that when France is warm, it is quite warm! Prolonged exposure to the sun in France gives me headaches unlike any other hot country!


The only item I had my heart somewhat set on, in the brocante, was a set of 11 side-plates that had wonderful sketches of French soldiers who seemed to be having conversations. Each plate would represent a new sketch with a different soldier saying something witty that would appear as a caption at the bottom of the plate. The drawings were pretty and old-school like. My mother-in-law has a few of those plates, and they were the only thing I wanted badly at the brocante! But 70 euros to pay for used and slightly chipped plates was a bit steep! With that kind of price I knew I didn’t want to bargain either! Sorry that I don’t have a pic of those plates, they were quite something! Yves was taken up for quite some time with old French records.


Something useful and tasty that we did buy were a kilo of fresh cherries and some rabbit paté, and a lovely book with paintings of the region of Florence. Sometimes at brocantes, the food sold can be very interesting. They are usually straight from the farms and home made. The prices are a little bit higher than what’s found in the supermarkets but the taste is so much better! There was plenty of choices for paté, one can see rabbit paté, hare paté, wild boar paté (I guess that would smell a lot!). We chose the rabbit paté infused with hazelnuts. The pâté was indeed very good! Here’s a pic of the farmer selling his different pâtés :


I decided that I have no more worrying thoughts on ‘what shall I prepare for lunch’, because we would have the paté! 🙂 I am lucky that Yves says yes to a lot of the things I say (well, mostly!). All we had to do now is get some baguette, or the long French bread which has such an amazing taste and which I’d missed a lot while travelling. I prepared some tomato and mozarella salad with some fresh basil snipped from my pot, and I washed and arranged all the cherries (delicious) and the baguette and paté. We had a brunch listening to a record that Yves got of Vanessa Paradis, singing ‘Joe le Taxi’.


Here’s a close up of the ingredients used in making the rabbit paté : There’s 45 % of rabbit meat, 30% of the meat around the neck region, 20 % liver, 5 % spices, onions, white wine, salt and pepper. Also the pâté has been sealed off with a sprig of thyme, laurel leaf and plenty of hazelnuts. Enjoy the pictures, and hope you get to have some too someday soon! 🙂



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