The Ambassador

ImageDuring my childhood years in Kolkata, when I was growing up in it and so used to seeing the Ambassador cars spilling all over the roads of Kolkata, I could not imagine that there could be other places in the world that wouldn’t have even a single Ambassador on the roads.

Yes, living in Kolkata, one gets very used to seeing this ‘ancient’ wonder on the roads. It is the first car to be manufactured in India by a company called Hindustan Motors, and has been around on the Indian streets for more than five decades! And there has been negligible changes or improvements made on it since the first model that was introduced by the British. It’s wide spacious body, dependability to go miles on the Indian roads and comfort, are factors that make it popular for indian families.

The Ambassador is also the official car to be used by the Indian politicians. The Amby in the photo above is an official car belonging to perhaps a minister. Usually there are signs that lets one know it is an official car, and they are usually painted white.

It is only in Kolkata now that one gets to see so many Ambassadors still plying on the roads. Other cities in India would hardly have such cars anymore. While in Kolkata, I loved the sight of seeing so many Ambassadors, almost like giant bugs flying by in the city. Of course, the regular folk don’t buy them anymore, but a large majority of Kolkata taxi drivers use them. The Ambassador taxi is always painted a bright shade of yellow. Riding inside of such a taxi is a unique experience of it’s own.

I am sharing below some photos of the Ambassador taxi in Kolkata. The photo below has my sweet friend’s daughter posing in front of the car. Check out the headlights, they have the face of the Goddess Durga sketched on them!



5 thoughts on “The Ambassador

  1. So nice that you wrote about the good old Amby! But, as much as I like their dependability and sturdiness, I am equally scared of the Ambassador taxis, while driving…why? Because, they are built like tanks and one kiss from an Amby, and my poor car will straightaway get into ICU!! πŸ˜€ Did you notice, the second photo’s car’s number is 1947…year of independence!! πŸ™‚

    • Yes, sitting in an Amby as a child, I remember always feeling secure. But now, driving our car, I always have to watch out for the Ambassador taxis because they are hell on wheels!! πŸ™‚ And oh yes, I noticed the car number, so funny because normally one doesn’t see car numbers starting with 19…!

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