Sombre tones

Image         While walking through Giverny, a very pretty little French village which also boasts of  a house of the famous artist Claude Monet, and a myriad of ‘ateliers’ (or workshops) of other Impressionist artists, I came across this haunting illustration, in a charming antique shop. The moment that I first saw it, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The sketch really makes you want to look at each and every detail in it.

It has a very sombre feel to it. It was made in 1868 by a French artist and though I had many questions on the sketch, the good gentleman who sold me the piece did not have many answers unfortunately.

The sketch has been made using charcoal for sure. I love the tall leafless trees covered with creepers, and the fact it’s winter. The sombre feel of the sketch has been balanced by the presence of the two milk boys and a playful looking dog. Doesn’t the sketch look like there is a story behind it?!

ImageThe glass looked a bit dusty, so once home, I asked Yves to lift out the glass so I could have it cleaned. The frame behind was supported by thin rusty nails. Yves noticed that 3/4th of the supporting frame had been cut out once before. I was wondering how strange, what motive could there be? Yves explained that of course someone prised it open to check if there was any ‘secret’ hid behind the painting… And I wondered Of course, only in France such things don’t require explanations, people can just be so suspicious! 🙂

One of the wonderful things about the sketch is that it seems to change hues when the sun’s rays travel across it. The trees almost look alit.



Silk Ribbon Embroidery Part 3

ImageI wanted to do a silk ribbon that wouldn’t take too much time so I decided to make this simple project that isn’t crowded with flowers. Hmmm.. I think I might actually stick with this style too!

I found the early morning sunrays to be the best for my photos. Here’s a couple of pics with Mimi who just couldn’t stop wanting to be in the photos too. I really wonder if the cat actually knows what’s a camera about! Everytime I am with my camera, she knows exactly where I’m focussing and she will make a run to the spot. Well, I can’t help including her in the pics, she does make an adorable prop! 🙂


India Dreams


I came across a wonderful French comic book called ‘India Dreams’ and this particular part of the series is called ‘Il n’y a rien à Darjeeling’ or translated into ‘There is nothing in Darjeeling’.

I found the artwork in this comic book absolutely fascinating, especially since the artists Maryse and J.F. Charles have done a wonderful job in depicting some of the iconic features of Darjeeling such as the tea gardens, the toy train and some of the colonial buildings. This comic series was published in 2005.

Here are some of the sketches I have tried to get good photographs of so that Darjeeling folk (like me) can enjoy! 🙂

Below are photos of the Toy Train, and the very iconic route that it takes around a hill. I have also added some photos of my trip to Darjeeling this year.


Here are some iconic buildings featured in the comic book :

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Here are some more photos of around Darjeeling :


My new pet, Jérémie the caterpillar

ImageSince I am still a fairly new window-ledge (does this exist? 🙂 gardener and still jittery if my plants don’t grow well, I was aghast one morning to discover my strawberry plants, that had been doing perfectly fine to have several holes on their leaves and not to mention entire leaves being eaten up.

I started hunting all through the lush foliage for caterpillars and since some time, I have been collecting the tiny ones whenever I found them and quickly deposited them to the other plants outside of my building. Unfortunately, I discovered much later that caterpillars don’t eat every kind of leaves, they only eat the specific leaves of the plant that one finds them on!

Here’s a pic of a really big sized strawberry that I found, doesn’t it look marvellous? And there’s the tiny critters that have been destroying the leaves.

ImageImage My husband suggested to me ‘Why don’t you trying keeping one as a pet?’. The idea appealed to me immediately, and just when I was getting ready to give Jérémie a new home outside, I decided to keep him and look after him instead in my glass jar. I did a lot of reading up about caring for caterpillars and I am quite excited now to watch it grow and become a butterfly someday!!

Yoga with kitty

ImageI was tempted to make this piece of embroidery as I had a real book with dialogues used by yoga teachers when they instruct their students in class. How did I get to have this book? Well, I have a very good friend who happens to be an instructor of the popular Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga. My friend left this book behind the last time she came to visit me, and promptly got herself a new copy when she discovered it’s absence. So the book remained with me.

The many instructions for the many poses always had me a little intrigued. In fact, I had attended a few classes for the Power yoga, and though they left me feeling so energised, I haven’t been able to attend another class due to the great geographical distance from where I live. 

For this embroidery, I chose the Cobra Pose. It seemed fun and drawing out the pose was easy for me, unlike some other poses where a tangled up body was a little challenging for me to sketch out! Since this was my first time with a project like this, I was a little laid back, and I think if I’d used the proper materials (fabric is actually a wash-cloth!), and concentrated more, I could have done a better job!

ImageHere’s a pic of my friend trying out her yoga moves with Mimi the cat who was constantly needing to play around her legs.