Yoga with kitty

ImageI was tempted to make this piece of embroidery as I had a real book with dialogues used by yoga teachers when they instruct their students in class. How did I get to have this book? Well, I have a very good friend who happens to be an instructor of the popular Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga. My friend left this book behind the last time she came to visit me, and promptly got herself a new copy when she discovered it’s absence. So the book remained with me.

The many instructions for the many poses always had me a little intrigued. In fact, I had attended a few classes for the Power yoga, and though they left me feeling so energised, I haven’t been able to attend another class due to the great geographical distance from where I live. 

For this embroidery, I chose the Cobra Pose. It seemed fun and drawing out the pose was easy for me, unlike some other poses where a tangled up body was a little challenging for me to sketch out! Since this was my first time with a project like this, I was a little laid back, and I think if I’d used the proper materials (fabric is actually a wash-cloth!), and concentrated more, I could have done a better job!

ImageHere’s a pic of my friend trying out her yoga moves with Mimi the cat who was constantly needing to play around her legs.



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