My new pet, Jérémie the caterpillar

ImageSince I am still a fairly new window-ledge (does this exist? 🙂 gardener and still jittery if my plants don’t grow well, I was aghast one morning to discover my strawberry plants, that had been doing perfectly fine to have several holes on their leaves and not to mention entire leaves being eaten up.

I started hunting all through the lush foliage for caterpillars and since some time, I have been collecting the tiny ones whenever I found them and quickly deposited them to the other plants outside of my building. Unfortunately, I discovered much later that caterpillars don’t eat every kind of leaves, they only eat the specific leaves of the plant that one finds them on!

Here’s a pic of a really big sized strawberry that I found, doesn’t it look marvellous? And there’s the tiny critters that have been destroying the leaves.

ImageImage My husband suggested to me ‘Why don’t you trying keeping one as a pet?’. The idea appealed to me immediately, and just when I was getting ready to give Jérémie a new home outside, I decided to keep him and look after him instead in my glass jar. I did a lot of reading up about caring for caterpillars and I am quite excited now to watch it grow and become a butterfly someday!!


2 thoughts on “My new pet, Jérémie the caterpillar

  1. hahaha…all the best with the newest caterpillar on the block!! And, hopefully, one day your window ledge will yield enough strawberries to have a cream and strawberry breakfast!! BTW, couldn’t help noticing that your nail polish looks strawberry colored too!!!! 😀

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