Pretty paper snowflakes!


Well, to be fair, this photograph was taken exactly a year ago. That was the first time I attempted making paper snowflakes. I have giant windows around my apartment and I couldn’t stand to see them all empty. So with a little bit of imagination and lots of help from online tutorials, I came across a few designs, and I was quite pleased to put them up on my windows. (The cats and the swallows were my ideas).

Here’s a view of another window with a different set of snowflakes from the outside (with my beermug of almost frozen parsley in it) :


Of course, I attempted making more snowflakes this year, but honestly I am not that pleased with them. I took the designs off a creative magazine, a really wonderful French magazine called Marie Claire Idées, and though the designs are really quite different from the usual ones, they have a certain Russian theme going on them, and in the end I wondered if they really did convey the idea of Christmas. I think they would look better on some other time of the year, and perhaps on different colored papers. I haven’t taken any photos as yet. But one of my neighbours really liked my previous snowflakes so I put up my old ones on the front gate window panes of our building.


Here in France, it doesn’t feel so much like Christmas as yet, as the weather is quite mild. Last year, it was cold but it snowed only a day. I wonder if it will snow this year too, I hope it does. As much as I like the snow, I feel very sad thinking of the homeless. There is an estimated ‘official’ count of 150,000 homeless in France. A recent documentary on TV that I watched the other day opened my eyes to a lot of the hardships they have to go through especially during winter. Here’s another shot of my favourite cat, Mimi sharpening her claws as she gets ready to face the cold weather. Happy and safe holidays to all you readers!



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