My creative best of 2013



Before I continue with my post, I must tell you that all the creative pursuits I’ve had in 2013 has been a unique phase in my life. Until December 2012, the only claim I had to creativity was a little bit of sketching or a bit of painting, quite rarely did I even indulge in them. Any kind of craft work was alien to me. I never trusted myself to take up any craft work in fear I’d abandon it soon, the guilt of money wasted and precious space taken in the apartment was much to bear. 


Exactly a year ago, I was going through a situation in my life. Due to a terrible illness that left me bedridden a month and suffering from a lot of pain (I also left my job), coupled with a terrible accident to precious family member, I felt I was no longer the person I used to be. During the weeks and months that followed, I stopped doing things that used to initially fill up my time. I no longer went to work, watched movies, read books, listened to music or hung out with a lot of people. I know, it all sounds terrible now, but I still haven’t changed much, I have very little interest in the above activities anymore. And to think I used to be a big music buff before! 



My interest in craft activities happened completely by accident while watching a few tutorials on youtube. Something snapped in me and I got hooked! The months that followed in 2013, apart from being very busy on the personal family front, my fingers have been very busy creating things, or clicking away on my camera or typing away on my keyboard filling up my blog with posts. (Yes, my blog is also a year old now!) I have taken up new and diverse projects, and I have even amazed myself at how I manage to complete them! I don’t consider crafts as boring anymore! I have never felt so fascinated by threads and needles and fabrics and textures. My family and close friends have raised their eyebrows at the new me, they didn’t think I would be the kind of girl to sit in a corner stitching away! 🙂 But being involved in the craft projects helped me find a way to keep my mind busy apart from a lot of joy, and I am grateful for that.


 Thanks to the tutorials on youtube, I have also taught myself several new crafts. Many of my posts are titled ‘My first attempt at …’ because indeed they are my very first attempts at those crafts. 2014 will still see me continuing with several new crafts, but I think I may have found a certain craft that gave me a lot of satisfaction and fulfilment, and that is silk ribbon embroidery. I am hoping to continue on with that and make better projects in 2014. 






I did very little where paper crafts were concerned, but I may change that in 2014. The last month or so, I have been drawn irresistibly to papercrafts. And I want to revive my sketching and painting skills, so definitely there will be lots of them coming up too. I hope you’ve enjoyed my post, all the photos are of the craft projects I completed in 2013. 


12 thoughts on “My creative best of 2013

  1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by Cuppanatter! Keep crafting – it’s very therapeutic! Your painting of the pipes reminds me of what I did in our old Swiss rental flat (before we moved to a more modern building): All the pipes were outside the walls, so I painted some with vines, and wrapped others with swaths of light cloths. The effect was cozy, and it covered a multitude of pipes…!

    • And I must thank you for the word ‘decoupage’ that I learnt from your current project! I always wondered if there was anything apart from using the word modge-podge. 🙂

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