Handmade baby announcement cards, design 1



My very first project of the year is semi-completed, yayy! And what better project could I start off with than getting to prepare the baby announcement cards of my own little angel due to arrive soon. 

This is the first time I attempted making cards, and so many of them too. At first I had no idea of how to start off with them. I got blank cards of the shade of teal, with envelopes a dark shade of blue. I scouted through Pinterest for inspiration, but finally I had to come up with my own ideas as I had already shopped random stamps and ribbons for baby ideas. 

I prepared the list of folks I needed to send off the cards to, and the number’s come to 45. I decided to make 3 designs in total (more to keep my interest alive!). in this set, I’ve prepared 11 cards of a particular design. The photo of the baby is inserted inside of the card and part of the photo will peek out through the heart design on the outside. I started off with a rough sketch of the design in my notebook. Here below are my 11 cards of the size 13.5cms X 13 cms. To start off, I decided to use my masking tape that has ‘100% boy’ on it, and I made myself a rubber stamp with a heart on it, that I could use to stamp evenly all over the card to give it some sort of background design.



And here’s the result:




Next, I’ve cut out part of the heart shape on the card, keeping a mini heart inside of the big heart, and covered the heart borders with an aqua-green glitter paste. For the second deco piece, I’ve made use of my polka dotted blue ribbon and made a tiny bow shape with a sequin stuck in the middle. For my third decoration piece, I’ve cut out myself heart shapes out of blue felt and made some stitches on it.


Here’s how it looks like :



Doesn’t it look so nice already? 🙂 Now, for the bottom portion, I wanted to use my rubber stamp on a separate background paper, and I decided to prepare the background paper myself. Using watercolours, I first dampened my drawing sheet with water and then ran parallel lines of dark blue and green through it. Once dried, I used my rubber stamp and created a border around, which I cut out and stuck each print on the bottom right of the card. On the left of the stamp, I used my special scissors to cut out a nice cursive border around a chart paper aqua green in colour. I filled up the paper with messages both in English and French. 



Ta- daah!! Below are my cards completed!! I bought a nice calligraphy pen that helped me a lot making that nice handwriting. 



The inside of the cards have a stamp that mentions details like the date and baby’s weight and size, etc.. details important to mention in a baby announcement card. Here’s a look at the envelopes that I designed. I am relieved and glad I managed to finish off my first lot, and can now look forward to my second!! 🙂



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