Woman obsessed with décor (and curtains)


I thought of sharing this delightful carricature of a ‘Woman obsessed with home décor’, by the French illustrator Signé Benoit, whose works appear regularly in the magazine ‘Paris Match’. At first, the paintwork appears messy, but soon you notice the attention to details, and you can relate a lot to what the artist tries to portray.

My post is all to do with curtains, but while thinking about making this post, I was reminded of this carricature I found in the magazine, that I’d cut away in 2012. Some of the luxurious curtain drapes I have been checking out lately in the fabric markets of Paris, and all the wonderful ideas I could play around with them, reminded me of this woman so in bliss to be surrounded with opulent fabrics and other items of décor.

When my husband first proposed the idea that we buy the curtain fabric and I stitch them, I was absolutely in désaccord with him. The last time I touched my sewing machine was 10 months ago and that last time happened to be my first time too! I was presented with that machine by a benevolent family member who thought I could do more useful things with my craftiness. Here’s the end result of me slaving away on the machine just 4 days after we bought the fabric :


Not too bad if I say so myself! As long as no one peeks on the other side of the curtains! My hands were clammy the entire while I was stitching them. Until they were put up on the rods, I had no idea if we’d wasted money on the drapes. It was of course the first time I was stitching curtains and I used the design from another existing curtain that we’d bought from Ikea a long time ago. Stitching this curtain opened my eyes to the world of curtains, the right fabrics, the different styles etc. Though a lot of mistakes have been made on this curtain (awry hems, no lining, base hem still not complete etc), I am confident I can do better next time around. Here’s a look at the fabric that we’d bought at my favourite store Marché St. Pierre in Montmartre, Paris :


Here are some lovely curtain ideas I came across in a book :







7 thoughts on “Woman obsessed with décor (and curtains)

  1. The green one with the stairs was probably made using a type of tape, I believe it is called ruchette (ruban fronceur). You sew it on flat and it has pockets for drapery hooks which when inserted make the pleats, or drawstrings to make gathers.

    Your drapes look very nice.

    • Thank you! Yes, I made my drapes using the ruchette ( I thinkit’s called header tape in English, not so sure)! The curtain that you speak of, I adore it’s shade of green, and how gorgeous it looks!

  2. You did a great job… My mother in law used to make all the curtains in her home… She was great at it … Me I have blinds that disappear to nothing during the day … But have to say curtains give a warmth to a room ….😃

    • Thanks! I agree, I have yet to take down the curtains and add the lining, complete the base hem etc, and the thought of having big and heavy fabric all over my table for days makes me procrastinate further!

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