Une belle soirée ( A beautiful evening)



Going out for a walk in the evenings, especially when the weather is beautiful with the last rays of the sun that appear to mellow everything in it’s path, can be a beautiful moment. I am used to evening walks because it gives me the needed fresh air to my system, and also importantly it gives me ‘changement d’idées’, a French expression I have incorporated now into my own speech and gives the right nuance to what I am trying to get : it helps me have change of ideas. I am lucky to live in a country that gives so much importance to keeping and maintaining it’s greenery. There are trees and flowers everywhere, the government and the locals work together to keep their forests, gardens, public places all in pretty good meticulous conditions. 

Walking down my neighborhood, I notice the first flower buds that shoot out from the ground. Here is the pic below :


My husband told me they are called ‘perce-neige’… I thought how wonderful, they do appear to be like that … piercing through the snow. There was no snow this winter in Paris or my region, it was a mild winter, but I can imagine when there would eb snow, it would be wonderful to see these delicate beautiful white flowers shooting out from the ground.



Watching my neighbors go about their weekend evening chores in a relaxed way, saying my ‘bonsoirs’ to them all lend a warm feeling to the air. Suddenly I see my neighbor’s cats. They are both perched on the window sill and like thieves, they peer inside their own master’s home. They look like it is them who possess the house, and feel a little indignant being left out in this horrendous beautiful weather, instead of being inside curled in the sofa. I take my camera to shoot them. Their little world has collapsed with my intrusion. They give me looks that lets me know exactly what they think of me. 


Cats and their expressions can really make for books! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Une belle soirée ( A beautiful evening)

  1. A beautiful post with beautiful photographs and beautiful expressions. “Changement d’idées” is a first for me and one I will definitely explore further :-).

    The photo at the top of the post is simply stunning…

    • Thnaks Ishita! Yes, I am lucky to be living in a tranquil and pretty French village! The Franchman’s appreciation and love for beauty in everything is something to be marvelled at!

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