Disdainful cats, watercolor 1


My inspiration to draw these two cats with their funny expressions came from two cats in the neighborhood who can be seen often sitting close together on a window sill. They looked disdainful, I couldn’t figure out why. Either at being locked out of the house, or the fact that I dared to come in close enough to shoot them with my camera. Either way, they looked hilarious! 🙂



10 thoughts on “Disdainful cats, watercolor 1

      • hehe…okk…let me tell you of a prank I used to do as a kid…we had quite a few cats in the neighbourhood..and they were quite a nuisance…so I would sneak up to the terrace and throw water onto them…and the poor things would have no idea where it was coming from! 😀

      • I think my husband would be congratulating you on this one..; he’s always thinking of things like that on the cats too! And I always have to run around ‘saving’ the cats! 😀

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