Breakfast in Other Countries

What a lovely video, and I think every breakfast looks delicious!:)


As an American, I grew up eating eggs, toast, bacon, pancakes, cereal, oatmeal, grits etc. I’ve often wondered though what people sit down to eat for breakfast in other countries.

This video via Buzzfeed answers that question. My favorite from this list would probably be the Indian dosa with sambhar or the Vietnamese Pho. Which of these would you try for breakfast? Are you from outside the U.S? What’s a typical breakfast for you? Did they get it right?

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5 thoughts on “Breakfast in Other Countries

    • Yes, you are right, I was thinking the same too! What’s your fave Indian breakfast?? For me it’s always the bengali breakfast of cholar dal and luchi…yumm nothing beats that!

      • Hmmm…difficult question…though luchi and cholar dal would rank at the very top…honestly speaking, my favourite breakfast is Indian style chow mein!😀

    • Hey, that’s one of my favourite movies!:) Grits for breakfast is, I think, a very American thing. They are ground corn and had like porridge. Not so sure how tasty they can be, I’ve never tasted them though!

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