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Hello and welcome to my blog..!

You’ve probably read a few of my posts and got a little curious about who I am. Well, I am a thirty-something woman who lived most parts of her life in India and the United Arab Emirates.

My blog will be mostly divided into three parts: the part where I speak of my life in France, the part where I talk about my experiences in India, and the third part will be about my arts. I love illustrations for children, and I make my own original ones. Have a look at my online shop in Etsy, the link’s above! The name of my shop is Tristan’s Paper Stories, you can even ‘like’ it on Facebook to get regular updates! (The link’s above too!)

I love photography. In the course of reading so many blogs, I have discovered that taking pictures is a bit of an art… how to take the right photos to get people’s attention? A little mystery..! Sometimes I wish the camera was an invisible object, I think some really amazing shots could be taken of people that way! My posts will be filled with photos of what I see in my everyday life. If you do use my photos please do so with respect, link the photo to my blog, basically please do not misuse.

My email address is tristanspaperstories@gmail.com

Thanks for reading, have a great life! 🙂

PS : The image above is taken by me, the illustration is mine.


28 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello, bonjour and namaste to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog… I really enjoy the mix of cultures and projects that you write about. I was in India with my (french!) boyfriend a few years ago and looking at your photos gave me fond memories!

    • Thank you! And I also like the fact that your post titles are in French! 🙂 There’s a lot of wonderful projects you’ve made and it was a pleasure for me to go through them! Je te souhaite une trés bonne année!

  2. I came to visit you after you left a comment on my blog and I’m so thrilled to see you’re a traveller too ! Hope to see some arts and crafts from India. Where you’ll be ? You’ll be able to learn really nice local crafts, it really dépends on where you are, who you meet. I really got inspired by all the kollams I saw in Pondicherry in December… it’s a wonderful base to stitch !

    • Yes, hello! 🙂 I am indeed a traveller, and I am lucky to have a husband who is even more adventurous than me, so we travel a lot. I draw a lot of inspiration too from India, it’s a country that is so rich in arts and crafts but sadly many of the very local traditions and stitches are slowly starting to fade now that we have big malls and ‘made in china’ things that capture our imagination! I am also drawing a lot of inspiration from France, and I hope someday to merge it with our Indian designs to create something beautiful. Thanks for the follow! 🙂 I really like your creations by the way, blogs like yours give me further impetus to improve!

  3. Well, hello there! You were kind enough to come over and “Like” my mishti doi blog post, so naturally I followed over to see what you were doing. It seems we share a common background – Kolkata or Calcutta. I have written quite a bit about my 28 years there.

    Please feel free to find some free time and come over sometime to my blog again. I would love to share stories, opinions and other feedback about Calcutta and life in general. I know with a small baby “free time” is hard to find, so good luck with the baby.

    Thanks for coming by. I love chatting with people.

    • Hello Last Word, it’s nice to hear from you and your kind comments. I liked your post on mishti doi very much, your choice of words for the descriptions is very interesting. I do look forward to more of your posts. Cheers!

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