Merry Christmas to everyone! Joyeuse Fêtes!


I made my snowman a nice pink satin rose to give him that extra bit of class in wishing you a very Merry Christmas! 🙂


Ribbon Embroidery part 4

Image Here’s yet another ribbon embroidery that I finished yesterday. It took me 4 days to make it ( well, if I didn’t get distracted by all the things that a usual day brings, I guess I could finish it in a day!). I took this photo in the evening light hence the orangish hue of the photo.

ImageMy husband found a strong twig and fitted it in a hole on this wall and I was able to have my hoop balanced on it. Doesn’t it look nice with the ancient wall around it? 🙂 When I’d decided to make the project, I hunted for an appropriate short saying or quote. I like to combine my art or craft work with a few inspiring words and I thought this line was both apt for my project and in a sense, lovely.

ImageThis is the first time I used beads in my embroidery and I think it looks quite nice. I’ve used it to denote fruits in this embroidery. Except for the writing, which I stitched using 2 different coloured thread strands, I used even the trunk of the tree using ribbons. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures!

Silk Ribbon Embroidery Part 3

ImageI wanted to do a silk ribbon that wouldn’t take too much time so I decided to make this simple project that isn’t crowded with flowers. Hmmm.. I think I might actually stick with this style too!

I found the early morning sunrays to be the best for my photos. Here’s a couple of pics with Mimi who just couldn’t stop wanting to be in the photos too. I really wonder if the cat actually knows what’s a camera about! Everytime I am with my camera, she knows exactly where I’m focussing and she will make a run to the spot. Well, I can’t help including her in the pics, she does make an adorable prop! 🙂


Yoga with kitty

ImageI was tempted to make this piece of embroidery as I had a real book with dialogues used by yoga teachers when they instruct their students in class. How did I get to have this book? Well, I have a very good friend who happens to be an instructor of the popular Hot Yoga, or Power Yoga. My friend left this book behind the last time she came to visit me, and promptly got herself a new copy when she discovered it’s absence. So the book remained with me.

The many instructions for the many poses always had me a little intrigued. In fact, I had attended a few classes for the Power yoga, and though they left me feeling so energised, I haven’t been able to attend another class due to the great geographical distance from where I live. 

For this embroidery, I chose the Cobra Pose. It seemed fun and drawing out the pose was easy for me, unlike some other poses where a tangled up body was a little challenging for me to sketch out! Since this was my first time with a project like this, I was a little laid back, and I think if I’d used the proper materials (fabric is actually a wash-cloth!), and concentrated more, I could have done a better job!

ImageHere’s a pic of my friend trying out her yoga moves with Mimi the cat who was constantly needing to play around her legs.


Silk Ribbon embroidery part 2

ImageThis is my second attempt with silk ribbon embroidery. To do this project project, I had to : do regular thread embroidery ( the leaves, pot, and yellow ribbon), fabric painting and actual silk embroidery.

I am still learning and discovering this gorgeous method of embroidery. Unfortunately, I find it a bit time consuming and due to the expensive nature of buying the silk ribbons, I cannot work in haste but have to really plan my project beforehand.

Here’s how I decided on this project. I had bought a kit that came along with the design already painted on the cloth along with the appropriate ribbons and threads. After I bought it, it was lying in my room for a while. When I did open it a month or so ago, I was surprised to see the actual size of the printed painting on the cloth. It was too small! I couldn’t understand how the maker, a well-known silk ribbon embroiderer, would have wanted for the flowers of 13mm to fit on that tiny canvas. I was left with no choice but to paint a replica on another piece of cloth. Sadly, I did not exactly choose the right fabric, it was a bit late for me to realise that I shouldn’t have worked on the voile. See, mistakes galore when you start on any creative work! Here’s a photo of the printed geraniums and the dimensions I chose to work out on, placed side by side.

ImageImage  Next step, I took out my fabric paints and coloured all over except the flowers, since I only needed the space to be indicated around the flowers. Also, if I had painted flowers, when I did stitch on my flowers, the painting underneath would not have looked nice.

Image  Now came the part for me to make the flowers. I understood something. It is really not easy when you have to learn complicated stitches like this from a book. After having completed my first silk ribbon embroidery, I thought I was confident in trying other flower forms from a book. This particular flower form was quite complicated for me. Here’s the flower shape shown below in the book.


ImageWhew!! This was the toughest part for me. I am happy only with the very last flower that I stitched, because it was only then that I finally started to get the hang of it. But all in all, I forgive myself because I had to learn from a book. I have filled up the flower centers using 2mm ribbons and yellow thread, using the french knot stitches. Below I’ve added some buds. When I got to the part of embroidering over the leaves, I almost heaved sighs of relief. This was a part I didn’t have to stress over at all, and after that I came to enjoy the project a lot.