Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!!! For all lovers of Halloween art, here’s a papercut I made about two years ago. A wizard with a telescope, some bats, pumpkins, this picture is screaming Halloween all over!  If you wish to see another of my Halloween papercut, click here .

The month of October is always about going into the forest and looking for beautiful and delicate mushrooms. I love the fallen leaves strewn all over the forest grounds, the red tinge everywhere you look, and peeking out of the nooks of the ground are mushrooms of all varieties.



I think I could just weave a story out of this mushroom..



These dainty mushrooms go very well with the majestic chatêau behind them. I know not any names of mushroom varieties, and I am quite aware of how dangerous it could get eating wild mushrooms so I leave the tasting to our little animal friends.



Sadly, this year there has hardly been any mushrooms in the forest. I was so disappointed!! All of these pics have been taken by me last October. I truly hope to see them back again next year!



In the meantime, kids came by all afternoon and evening trick or treating. My thoughtful husband had anticipated the visits and had a bag full of goodies ready on the table. The expression on my little one’s face staring at the girl is so priceless! 😉


Actually, I am so glad that Halloween this year has kicked off so well here in France. I don’t think I have ever seen so many Halloween costumes being worn by kids or adults in any of the past years!

Here’s my magical young wizard boy, busy checking the constellations, peering into the Halloween of 2017..

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L’Aiguille en fête – An international exhibition of textiles in Paris



I am happy to be writing this post while the exhibition is still on in Paris, so for those who can make it and are interested in textiles or fiber art, please do visit it, as it is quite worth the experience! The exhibition runs until 9th February, at the Parc des expositions, in Porte de Versailles. I was at this exhibition last evening, I understand this event takes place every year, so I was glad that being my first visit there last evening, I would have an idea of what to expect the next time around. But yes, my first time was more than a pleasant surprise. 

The exhibition is about creativity to do with fabrics, trimmings, the latest models in sewing machines, sculpture textiles, textile designs, and appliances related to fabric crafts. It boasts of about 250 stalls of sellers from many different countries. There are also plenty of ‘ateliers’ or workshops with a variety of craft activities to choose from. 

The exhibition space is huge, of about 1500 meter square. I was so tempted to stop by every stall, every piece of work screamed for attention, and I could see that a lot many hours had been spent on creating so many works of art. Here’s a few pictures to feast your eyes on :







There was even a knitting championship :




Amongst the things that attracted me a lot were the kits to make felt toys. I noticed that the Italian stalls were mostly the ones where the felt kits were terribly attractive. The faces of the toys seemed to have almost a soft laidback character. It reminded me a bit of my trip to Florence where I’d seen a lot of Italian artwork on wooden puppets. I thought it was exotic and I got myself a beautiful toy kit of 35 euros, that had along with the fabric several other trimmings like ribbons, wooden hearts, button etc. I can’t wait to get started on this toy soon!