Halloween Kitty, and inside a haunted French castle



Halloween is sneaking in closely! It’s time to be thinking of scary pumpkin heads, witches on brooms, bats and other ghouls. Here is something fun and cute that I’ve made. Always a big fan of cat art, here’s my Halloween Kitty, framed in a box frame so that the shadows can be enjoyed.

This Halloween Kitty has been hand drawn and hand cut. Would you like to have this design, and cut it out yourself? Yes you can! This art is available as a template, all you need to do is take a print out, get ready with your scalpel and cut away! You too can put it in a shadow box, or just stick it to cardstock and give it to someone special on the day of Halloween! Here she is before I spray painted her black. Do you like it black or white?


Look at this gorgeous castle below… It’s deserted for many years… Haunted? I think so!


This is the second time I am entering a deserted premise by the way! And with all those overgrown weeds, I was very careful not to go stepping accidentally over ‘l’ortie’ ( stinging nettle in French)


Such deserted castles or old monuments can be found plenty around France. My husband and I, while on a stroll, found this beauty somewhere around L’isle Adam, an elite French neighborhood, 30 kms north east of Paris.

Alas! The secrets of this castle are only enjoyed by squatters now..




A piano that has seen much better days.


I can imagine this foyer at one time a resplendant place, welcoming, warm, and people walking to and fro the different rooms.


This staircase walked up and down by an absent minded homemaker, realizing too late that it’s raining and the windows upstairs need to be shut..


Pitter-patter, pitter-patter go footsteps silently in the dead of night


I hope you enjoy looking down staircases as much as I do..


What is this cage like structure? A medieval torture device? Nooo…. Any guesses? It’s for holding wine bottles.


Whew! Am I glad it’s a sunny day out! Shakes away some of the cobwebs in my head!


Whoops, a skeleton car just pulls in!! Nah, just joking! This hilarious car advert is something I had seen at the Shiphol Airport in Amsterdam.


Have you been totally spooked out by the haunted castle? If you want to read something similar, click here, of a trip into a haunted and deserted hotel I walked into, in Darjeeling, India.

Halloween Kitty up close to let you know how spooky things are going to get! 🙂


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I painted over my Tom’s, and a heart with Bali

A few days ago, I decided to try my hand at painting over my Tom’s shoes. I’d bought them from LA over 2 years ago, and sadly, due to frequent wear and trying to have them washed in my washing machine, a small part of the fabric on my left shoe has gotten torn! Here in Paris, Tom’s isn’t really available in the stores and I like them so much for easy wear!

Since I don’t wear my Toms very often, now with the tear on it and the cold climate here, I decided the best thing to do with it is try my artistic creativity over them. And now that they’re done painting, I like the result so much, that inspite of the tear on one of them, I am looking forward to wearing them in my upcoming vacation to Indonesia soon!! Yippee!

Happy with my tom's

Happy with my tom’s

A closer look

A closer look

The design is something that I borrowed from Etsy. I didn’t want to botch up my first paint job on shoes, so I browsed a little and I found the perfect design on Etsy. Of course the real design work is far nicer than mine. The only difference is that I added the tiny red flowers with a white center to them.

Here’s another craft idea that I completed today. I was in need of using my sequins for a project and I’d been itching to use them because I wanted to make something shiny and cute. So I made a heart design using black felt and built the tassle around it. I feel so fulfilled looking at it, because I think it looks so pretty! I’m going to use this as a sort of hanging, perhaps on the door latch. I’ve embroidered using DMC gold metallic threads which I find gorgeous! I’ve embroidered the words Bali, as I will be there next month, and so I can always be reminded of my excitement to going to Bali.

Looking forward to Bali!

Looking forward to Bali!

Along with a satin flower that I made too

Along with a satin flower that I made too