Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween!!! For all lovers of Halloween art, here’s a papercut I made about two years ago. A wizard with a telescope, some bats, pumpkins, this picture is screaming Halloween all over!  If you wish to see another of my Halloween papercut, click here .

The month of October is always about going into the forest and looking for beautiful and delicate mushrooms. I love the fallen leaves strewn all over the forest grounds, the red tinge everywhere you look, and peeking out of the nooks of the ground are mushrooms of all varieties.



I think I could just weave a story out of this mushroom..



These dainty mushrooms go very well with the majestic chatêau behind them. I know not any names of mushroom varieties, and I am quite aware of how dangerous it could get eating wild mushrooms so I leave the tasting to our little animal friends.



Sadly, this year there has hardly been any mushrooms in the forest. I was so disappointed!! All of these pics have been taken by me last October. I truly hope to see them back again next year!



In the meantime, kids came by all afternoon and evening trick or treating. My thoughtful husband had anticipated the visits and had a bag full of goodies ready on the table. The expression on my little one’s face staring at the girl is so priceless! 😉


Actually, I am so glad that Halloween this year has kicked off so well here in France. I don’t think I have ever seen so many Halloween costumes being worn by kids or adults in any of the past years!

Here’s my magical young wizard boy, busy checking the constellations, peering into the Halloween of 2017..

If you like my art and want to support it, buy my art prints or templates at Etsy, or forward it to someone you think might enjoy it! Cheers!







Here’s a little artwork I had made yesterday. It is my little tribute to the great movie director, Satyajit Ray who had his birthday on May the 2nd. He was born 1921, and he received an Oscar award for lifetime achievement. In this sketch, I have merged two of his best movies, Charulata and Mahanagar. Both have the actress Madhabi Mukherjee play a pivotal role. The dialogue is from Mahanagar, where Madhabi’s work colleague asks why she doesn’t use a red lipstick. The visual is from Charulata, where Madhabi plays a lonely housewife who entertains herself by uses her binoculars to spy at people down the street.

Calcutta sketches – my grandaunt


What’s this art about? Here’s one of my quick under-an-hour sketch that I made of my grandaunt. Well, the time taken for sketching was shorter because she was watching TV and unable to stay still for long. The flouncy pillow behind her adds to her cute feminity. Psst…little added info on her : she loves wearing lipstick everyday!

What did she say when she saw herself?..


Nothing. She just gave a genuine pleased smile, which made me happy. Here she is holding a big plate of sun dried cauliflowers which she is preparing to make pickles of, a big favorite in the family.


Steaming hot cauliflowers, anyone?!


‘You look like you got fingered’


Warning : This post contains some raunchy ‘inuendos’, so all faint hearts can proceed with caution! 🙂

Here are some sketches I made about 4 years ago while I was working as a flight attendant for one of the middle-eastern airlines called Etihad Airways. I had plenty of fun moments and got familiar with all the flight attendant, and passenger jokes. The crew may seem unflattering in these sketches, but in real life, the girls and the boys are very pretty. At 4.30 am when one has seen the interior of the aircraft for the past 10 hours, and the only oxygen is the recycled air in the closed cabin, one’s mind can start playing tricks, and even the beautiful crew around can start looking like mutating monsters. Unfortunately, amongst the many rules that the crew had to remember, I remember this particular rule that really seemed to take the cake : ‘Crew are forbidden to sleep in the galleys, or even give the impression that they might be sleeping’.. So you cannot shut your eyes more than 3 seconds..


Once I boarded the crew bus looking sad because I hadn’t managed to sleep the night before and I had a long and busy flight in front of me. A concerned crew member asked me if I was OK, and I told her my problem, to which she replied ‘Oh, you know what, even if I’ve slept well, I always feel fatigue and tired the moment I put on this uniform’. Even after 10 years, her remark stuck in my head and I always found it very funny and true. And the rare moments when a flight would be declared cancelled, strangely all that fatigue and tiredness would go out of the window and I’d be ready to hit the beach!


Here’s a true story that occured in a flight to Tanzania ..

He : Scuze me, I want a Jewess

Me : Excuse me, umm… what kind of ..Jewess .. exactly?

He : Yes, I want a Jewess, an Orange Jewess

Me : Ahh…! Yes, I will get you your Jewess ( I go to the galley to bring him his orange juice)

Another joke that happened in front of me to a male crew. The flight was to Amman (Jordan), and it’s a night flight. A woman tries to get the attention of the male crew (and he’s just started flying) and whispers into his ear ‘I want a cock’.

He : (looking shocked) Excuse me??!

She : I want cock with ice

He : You mean coca cola?

She : Yes yes that cock!

I had a memorable Bombay flight. It was a full flight, with many uncontrollable children and demanding adults. We, the crew, were in the middle of the meal service and each crew member had to handle their own carts. I inched my way forward until my cart reached a livid passenger.

He: I’ve been fingering you for so long, where were you??’

Me: Excuse me?! I don’t understand..

He: Look look, like this I fingered you for so long!! ( and he demonstrates by pushing his finger against the crew call button several times and the whole cabin resonates with the ding-dong noise))

Me : Ah, you used the call bell service. I’m sorry, it’s a very busy flight. How may I help you?’

He : I can’t find my wife’s hole.

Me : (confused and starting to get mad) Excuse me?!

He : Look, I found my hole and I can hear my movie, but my wife can’t hear her’s!

Me : Ah, You’re trying to locate the slot to plug in your headset… Ok, let me help you.

I go back to the galley after the service, and another crew member, someone more familiar with the Bombay flights, looks at my stunned expression and says knowingly ‘You look like you got fingered’.

in flt

My artwork on bathroom tubes

ImageSomehow, my husband and I weren’t too joyful in having plain white functional tubes running up in the bathroom, in full view. My husband proposed the idea of having cabinets over them to hide them, and I was quite OK with the idea.

The cabinets somehow never came and I was itching to take out my paintbrushes and make some kind of art over them. I was a bit nervous when I first started out, because I would be using up a lot of my time for them, and I wanted the end result to look good. Plus it’s been a while I took out my paintbrushes!

The height of the bathroom is 3 meters and the tubes run almost that length. However, my artwork is confined to only one meter, that is, the part of the tubes seen from the first ledge upwards. Here is a series of photographs so you can see and perhaps enjoy the transition, from the boring white tubes to something I can look at every morning and go hmmm… 🙂

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage    By the way, I got inspiration for the house above the orange tree from this particular house in my neighborhood.


ImageImageImage   I must say I did not start this project knowing exactly that I wanted to draw. If I did, then the enormity of the project would have made me keep putting it off. I completed this painting in about a month. That long because it also included a few days of me going out of the country. I tackled the ideas one at a time. I knew from the start that I wanted the thinner tubes to be surrounded by vines. I had no idea what to do for the bigger tube. Something fancy, yet homely.

I wanted a little child to be drawn, and I wanted it to be a girl. I had to think about her posture, whether she should face me, what dress she should wear etc. The orange tree was done easily. But it was challenging for me to vision what could be above the orange tree. Husband suggested I continue the orange tree all the way up just like the vines. The idea couldn’t hold true with me because of course orange trees aren’t like vines, they are just big bushy compact things. Would I draw fields and then the sky above and then maybe an aeroplane flying? I got my inspiration while walking around my neighborhood and seeing this lovely house with French windows and slated tile roof and that little attic window. The idea of the weather vane came from the church in our neighborhood.

Here’s a pic of my good friend’s daughters who I couldn’t resist including in the post because I felt their charm of being just little girls fit quite well with my painting.